Members of The Sands Social can enjoy free fitness classes every Monday in the Bunpin Bar and Lounge.


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Kellie Morgan

Developed in Colombia in the nineties, Zumba has become a worldwide sensation as a form of engaging exercise with a
Latin twist. Great for all ages, it’s also very popular with our members.

A fun and versatile form of fitness, Zumba is like exercise in disguise! Grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue, it feels more like a dance party than a workout.

You don’t need to be a great dancer – Zumba is about moving to the music and having a good time, whatever your fitness. It’s a great way to get active and social!

Instructor Kellie Morgan says she adores teaching Zumba. “Every class feels like a party! Dancing offers a sense of freedom and joy regardless of your level of experience.”

Zumba can be tailored to suit all ages including lower intensity classes for mature participants. Don’t be fooled though, Zumba can still be a workout! It covers all areas of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility, and balance!  It will be sure to get you up and moving with a smile on your face.

Lezley Stewart

“Yoga is for everyone!” enthuses our S-Fit yoga instructor, Lezley Stewart.

Every other week, Lezley guides a class through a series of yoga moves, stretches and meditations that can be done by literally
everyone. “Each person works to their own capabilities, and they can modify postures to suit their own minds and bodies,” she says. “If you can’t get up and down on the floor, practice sitting on a chair.”

And best of all, no special equipment or clothes are required, either – just loose, comfortable clothes that let you stretch. 

While yoga is based on slow movements, it can still be a real workout. According to Harvard Medical School, practising yoga regularly increases muscle strength and flexibility, boosts endurance, and tunes up your heart, lungs and blood vessels.

And the benefits aren’t just with our bodies. “We become calmer as we gently bring our minds to what we are doing,” Lezley explains. “The word ‘yoga’ actually means union of the mind, body and spirit.”