About Us.

Located at 50 Keogh Street, between the Bowls Club, Sandgate RSL SubBranch and the Court House, we are excited to provide a venue where local Sandgatians can connect, drink, dine and play.

Before we were The Sands Social, the current building housed “Club Sandgate”.  Closing January 9, 2018, the Club Sandgate building lay dormant in the area for some years until it was sold by the Sandgate RSL SubBranch.  The building has now been backed by Kedron-Wavell who has reinvigorated the building and created what you see now – The Sands Social.

Dress standards do apply when visiting The Sands Social. We appreciate the Queensland climate is warm and our lifestyle is casual.  We just ask that no dirty workwear, offensive slogans or ripped clothing is worn.

Thanks for visiting The Sands Social – where you can connect, dine, drink and play… by the bay!